What Is Instagram?

08 Mar

Such a huge agreement is likely to once again provoke cries of a website bubble and also draw incredulous pants from user wondering why a 16 month old image sharing application is worth so much fund.

So what's instagram, and why can it be made so much finance?

Instagram bills itself as a significant fun way to share picture with buddies. Users snap images with mobile phones and then select from more than a dozen filters to provide the pictures a distinctive appearance. They've caption and their location, and share with friends on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Nevertheless, the true value to Facebook is the cell phone community instagram created in such a little time.

It is now one of the biggest social networks with more than 40 million sign up users, which may follow friends like images and comments on them. Over 1 billion images are downloaded or about 6 million per day. The amount of everyday user is very high, the images generate more than 600 likes per second and more than 85 comments per second.
Instagram retains the record for the quick application to reach 1.5 million downloads, on 21 Dec, 2010. Apple titled it the application of the years in 2011.

Like so many other application and societal networks websites. Anyhow, Instagram hasn't yet figured out a company version. But companies such as Urban filters out and Ann Taylor have made accounts to market their brands, and many politicians and celebrities are members.

Instagram has a largest connection to Facebook and twitter, which has also been rumored as a powerful buyer. Instagram program CEO and creator Kevin was an ODEO, the firm that spawned social media website twitter. At 2006 Stanford University invest two years at Google search engine, working on Google writer and Gmail, and also about the corporate development group.


In june 2011 instagram released 5 million users statement, passing 10 million in 2010 September.

Instagram declared that 100 million images are shared to its service as 2011 July. The amount reached 150 million discuss in 2012 April to August, it had been published that over 30 million enrollment of instagram application.

Instagram new android edition in Google play a very important role and have over 1 million download in just half day.


In 2011 January, Instagram was the best little guy for Mobile phone application in the year 2010 Tech Crunch crunchies.

In 2011 June, Inc magazine haven co-founders Krieger and systrom in its 2011, 30 listing and 30 under.

7x7 popular magazines issued in 2011 featured Krieger and systrom on the very first cover of the best business deals.

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